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ABD guide to origins of bread wheat. by Andrew Ormerod

Imagine bread wheat is built up of building blocks of genetic information, inherited from three ancestors, known as ‘Genomes’.  Two building blocks known as the A and B genome were inherited following a chance hybridization between an ancestral wheat, Einkorn … Continue reading

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Food Security and the Arab Spring – trying to understand the importance of Bread and Dignity. An initial look by Andrew Ormerod (2012)

I have become interested in the way food plants have become an important part of everyday language and meaning in different parts of the world.  Bread is a good example – it’s significance as a central part of our diet … Continue reading

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Who grows the most? Who eats the most? The impact of global caloric staples by Andrew Ormerod

Interactive talk for Eden Food Week 2005 – event organised by Andrew Ormerod Theme – “Global Agriculture – food and nutrition issues A modern quest for food In the 1950’s supporters of Malthus ideas foresaw the growing world population outstripping food … Continue reading

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