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Aljezur Sweet Potato production in the Algarve, Portugal By Andrew Ormerod Terra Madre (2006)

In our area there is a network of canals, we exploit rain water and canals our soil is very sandy.  We have cultivated sweet potatoes for the last 4-5 centuries.  We started to grow this sort because it is drought … Continue reading

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Cornwall and South West Fruit Focus 5 ‘Land use, grower and market opportunities’ for fruit and nuts.- overview of talks

This is the 5th in the series of talks which have taken place over the years since 2007 – each event dealing with different themes which add information relevant to encouraging renewed interest in fruit production and market development in … Continue reading

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Agriculture and horticulture in The Isles of Scilly – St Martin and St Agnes – Andrew Ormerod (February 2008)

I was out in the Isles of Scilly over the last few days and despite the bad local forecasts the weather was generally OK for walking. When I arrived in the islands I went straight down to the tourist office … Continue reading

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Potatoes in the freezer by Andrew Ormerod Slow Food, Terra Madre, Turin 2006

If you ever travel to the high Andes and see members of the local community apparently jiving while standing on neat squares of potatoes – chances are they are squeezing water out of their special potatoes to make freeze-dried chuño … Continue reading

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Traditional Tortilla making in the Valley of Mexico by Andrew Ormerod (2005)

When I visited CIMMYT (The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre) in 2005 I was interested in understanding the traditional ways used to make Tortillas.  I am grateful for Mike Listman for taking me to see the process. The Aztecs developed … Continue reading

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Kea Plums (2008) by Andrew Ormerod

Past history Kea plums have been grown for at least 300 years in orchards along two creek sides near Truro. There are four local plums found here – the predominant one being the black Kea plum together with the less … Continue reading

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Sweet Potatoes – Slow Food Terra Madre, Turin (2006)

Hardier varieties of orange fleshed sweet potatoes bred in the USA seem to be catching on with the more enthusiastic growers in the UK and have succeeded here in our exhibit at the Eden Project this year. Sweet potatoes originate … Continue reading

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