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Aljezur Sweet Potato production in the Algarve, Portugal By Andrew Ormerod Terra Madre (2006)

In our area there is a network of canals, we exploit rain water and canals our soil is very sandy.  We have cultivated sweet potatoes for the last 4-5 centuries.  We started to grow this sort because it is drought … Continue reading

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Potatoes in the freezer by Andrew Ormerod Slow Food, Terra Madre, Turin 2006

If you ever travel to the high Andes and see members of the local community apparently jiving while standing on neat squares of potatoes – chances are they are squeezing water out of their special potatoes to make freeze-dried chuño … Continue reading

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Viva the Yacónaros by Andrew Ormerod presentation from Slow Food Terra Madre 2006

Although potatoes are now almost universally known about there are other Latin American root crops that were left behind by the Spanish conquistadors and have had little publicity outside their original areas of production.  Yacón is one such example,  a … Continue reading

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Cassava in Hawaii (2006) Slow Food Terra Madre

Rather like other minority foods cassava in Hawaii have been stigmatized by views from outside Hawaii. Efforts are underway to revive interest. Story of a cassava producer from Hawaii Poi is a traditional food from Hawaii made by pounding taro … Continue reading

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