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Aljezur Sweet Potato production in the Algarve, Portugal By Andrew Ormerod Terra Madre (2006)

In our area there is a network of canals, we exploit rain water and canals our soil is very sandy.  We have cultivated sweet potatoes for the last 4-5 centuries.  We started to grow this sort because it is drought … Continue reading

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Traditional food diversity and health – the case of yellow bananas by Andrew Ormerod

Pohnpei is a blip in the Pacific Ocean, one of four island groups that make up the Federated States of Micronesia.  If you are a fan of Oliver Sack’s books you may have read  ‘Island of the Colour Blind’ about … Continue reading

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Viva the Yacónaros by Andrew Ormerod presentation from Slow Food Terra Madre 2006

Although potatoes are now almost universally known about there are other Latin American root crops that were left behind by the Spanish conquistadors and have had little publicity outside their original areas of production.  Yacón is one such example,  a … Continue reading

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Origins of conserving fruit trees in Cornwall and the need to authenticate varieties. By James Armstrong Evans

I started collecting local fruit varieties in 1980. I was a newcomer from Callington.  When Mary was introducing me to the district we went to a local farm.  She knew the farm well.  She mentioned that there was an old … Continue reading

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Beanz meanz ……. BITS by Andrew Ormerod in conversation with Colin Leakey

One of our favourite legume dishes in the UK are tinned baked beans, which have increased in popularity after World War II. They are a popular and durable food made from a form of the common bean Phaseolus vulgaris originating … Continue reading

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You can grow orchard fruit in Cornwall! (2008)

You can’t grow apples in Cornwall – that was a commonly held view by some national fruit experts up to 20-30 years ago. Any attempt was considered unwise and possibly a waste of time. The view was shaped by Cornwall’s … Continue reading

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