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Dynamics of Diet and Food Security in the Mediterranean ‘in the middle of the land’

In the Middle of disparate land The Mediterranean – means ‘In the Middle of the Land’ – and the sea is a geographical link between countries bordering it that differ markedly in terms of style of governance, affluence, culture and religion. … Continue reading

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What came first the chicken or the tree? by Andrew Ormerod (2006)

In 2005 I was lucky enough to visit Earth University and met up with Dr. Richard Taylor who showed me around the Universities integrated farm.   I was shown the dairy cattle and pigs, whose diet included leafy browse from tropical … Continue reading

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Local Cornish provenance of quality meat. Interview with Stuart Ward a South Devon cattle farmer near St Austell.

Stuart is a beef farmer near St Austell.  The animals are South Devon Cattle.  I visited Stuart with Dave Webb from  Eden  during “The Year of Farming” in 2008 as a way of highlighting where our food comes from and … Continue reading

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