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What came first the chicken or the tree? by Andrew Ormerod (2006)

In 2005 I was lucky enough to visit Earth University and met up with Dr. Richard Taylor who showed me around the Universities integrated farm.   I was shown the dairy cattle and pigs, whose diet included leafy browse from tropical … Continue reading

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Traditional Tortilla making in the Valley of Mexico by Andrew Ormerod (2005)

When I visited CIMMYT (The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre) in 2005 I was interested in understanding the traditional ways used to make Tortillas.  I am grateful for Mike Listman for taking me to see the process. The Aztecs developed … Continue reading

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Visit to Urban Harvest – Challenges of urban and peri urban land use around Lima, Peru by Andrew Ormerod (2005)

In 2005 I visited Gordon Prain and colleagues at Urban Harvest which looked at the challenges faced in relation to burgeoning urbanisation in different parts of the world and the need for food production in urban settings.  I was taken … Continue reading

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Andean Tuber Crops (2006)

If you ever travel to the high Andes and see members of the local community apparently jiving while standing on neat squares of potatoes – chances are they are squeezing water out of their special potatoes to make freeze-dried chuño … Continue reading

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Cassava in Hawaii (2006) Slow Food Terra Madre

Rather like other minority foods cassava in Hawaii have been stigmatized by views from outside Hawaii. Efforts are underway to revive interest. Story of a cassava producer from Hawaii Poi is a traditional food from Hawaii made by pounding taro … Continue reading

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Potatoes in Chiloe (2006)

It was mid summer and the rain was unremitting as I landed on the small island – I sought sanctuary in a small café – they were serving fish and chips. A common occurrence at times when we have been … Continue reading

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Journey Through Latin America – Visit to Parc de la Papa (Potato Park) near Cusco Peru (2005) by Andrew Ormerod

Cuzco is one of the most interesting starting points for a visit Peru, once you have acclimatised to the height, with rest and lots of coca tea. There are a wide range of things to see nearby including ancient Inca … Continue reading

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