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ABD guide to origins of bread wheat. by Andrew Ormerod

Imagine bread wheat is built up of building blocks of genetic information, inherited from three ancestors, known as ‘Genomes’.  Two building blocks known as the A and B genome were inherited following a chance hybridization between an ancestral wheat, Einkorn … Continue reading

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Dynamics of Diet and Food Security in the Mediterranean ‘in the middle of the land’

In the Middle of disparate land The Mediterranean – means ‘In the Middle of the Land’ – and the sea is a geographical link between countries bordering it that differ markedly in terms of style of governance, affluence, culture and religion. … Continue reading

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Where do Crop Plants Come from by Andrew Ormerod

Plants which are now important to man in one part of the world in some cases have traveled 1000 of miles from where they were first domesticated. This has partly arisen due to demographic differences around the world and sometimes … Continue reading

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