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Cornwall and South West Fruit Focus 5 ‘Land use, grower and market opportunities’ for fruit and nuts.- overview of talks

This is the 5th in the series of talks which have taken place over the years since 2007 – each event dealing with different themes which add information relevant to encouraging renewed interest in fruit production and market development in … Continue reading

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Food Security and the Arab Spring – trying to understand the importance of Bread and Dignity. An initial look by Andrew Ormerod (2012)

I have become interested in the way food plants have become an important part of everyday language and meaning in different parts of the world.  Bread is a good example – it’s significance as a central part of our diet … Continue reading

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Who grows the most? Who eats the most? The impact of global caloric staples by Andrew Ormerod

Interactive talk for Eden Food Week 2005 – event organised by Andrew Ormerod Theme – “Global Agriculture – food and nutrition issues A modern quest for food In the 1950’s supporters of Malthus ideas foresaw the growing world population outstripping food … Continue reading

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Traditional Tortilla making in the Valley of Mexico by Andrew Ormerod (2005)

When I visited CIMMYT (The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre) in 2005 I was interested in understanding the traditional ways used to make Tortillas.  I am grateful for Mike Listman for taking me to see the process. The Aztecs developed … Continue reading

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What was behind the curtain? by Andrew Ormerod in conversation with Colin Leakey

What do you do on Saturdays?  Go shopping may be, or go to watch a football match? Imagine you are at school and as part of your biology class you are asked to turn your hand to carry out practical … Continue reading

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