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Dionysus’s gift – the noble grape by Andrew Ormerod

Many of the classic grape vines have long and colourful pasts, rather like the Greek God of Wine Dionysus.  Though their histories are often a combination of fact and fiction, in some cases the cultivars stretch almost to the time … Continue reading

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Cornwall and South West Fruit Focus 5 ‘Land use, grower and market opportunities’ for fruit and nuts.- overview of talks

This is the 5th in the series of talks which have taken place over the years since 2007 – each event dealing with different themes which add information relevant to encouraging renewed interest in fruit production and market development in … Continue reading

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Traditional food diversity and health – the case of yellow bananas by Andrew Ormerod

Pohnpei is a blip in the Pacific Ocean, one of four island groups that make up the Federated States of Micronesia.  If you are a fan of Oliver Sack’s books you may have read  ‘Island of the Colour Blind’ about … Continue reading

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Can Cornwall feed itself if cut off at the Tamar? by Andrew Ormerod

Cornwall declaring U.D.I.?   Rising levels of water in the Tamar causing flood?  or some other calamity! The idea makes your head spin.  But it’s interesting to speculate, nevertheless.  Self-sufficiency is assumed to be on the increase.  Can the population of … Continue reading

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Origins of conserving fruit trees in Cornwall and the need to authenticate varieties. By James Armstrong Evans

I started collecting local fruit varieties in 1980. I was a newcomer from Callington.  When Mary was introducing me to the district we went to a local farm.  She knew the farm well.  She mentioned that there was an old … Continue reading

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Kea Plums (2008) by Andrew Ormerod

Past history Kea plums have been grown for at least 300 years in orchards along two creek sides near Truro. There are four local plums found here – the predominant one being the black Kea plum together with the less … Continue reading

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You can grow orchard fruit in Cornwall! (2008)

You can’t grow apples in Cornwall – that was a commonly held view by some national fruit experts up to 20-30 years ago. Any attempt was considered unwise and possibly a waste of time. The view was shaped by Cornwall’s … Continue reading

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