Cornwall and South West Fruit Focus 5 Friday 7th March 2014 Eden Project – if interested contact Andrew Ormerod alchemy_360(at) before Monday 3rd March 2014

Cornwall & South West Fruit Focus 5

‘Land use, growing and market opportunities for fruit in the South West and Cornwall’. 

Venue Eden Project The Core Education Building; PL24 2SG

Date; Friday 07-03-2014. Start time; 9.30 for 10 am start. Meeting is 10 am– 4.30 pm  

There may be a £10-00/person charge depending on availability of external funding. e-mail me if you wish to attend by midday Thursday 6th March

Lunch –  Vegetarian or Meat pasties – (let me know your preference)

Dr. Andrew Ormerod, Economic Botanist,

Email  Telephone  07908978208 



The event will now take place upstairs in the Core (Eden’s Education Building)  – see picture at base of document.  Parking is best in Banana or Orange car parks (near the visitor centre).  Gates open to the site at 9.30 – if any of the speakers are earlier than this please let me know.  Access is via the visitor centre – ask for directions at the ticketing desks. There will be signs to get to the meeting room from the visitor centre.

This event is of potential interest to growers, potential growers, land-owners, food manufacturers, retailers, agricultural policy makers and those in horticulture/agriculture/food related training. 

Cornwall and South West Fruit Focus events were originally established by me in 2007 to address a range of issues relating to this somewhat neglected sector of horticulture.  This is the fifth in the series of meetings to inject new ideas about Fruit production into the region and to gauge demand for fruit and nuts and support that is needed as well as celebrate local successes.

Demand for fruit

It is seven years since the first event was held at the Eden Project and it is useful to revisit the original theme to see what has changed in terms of demand and supply.   One area of success in the South West has been the success in the juice and cider industry caused by growing public interest in these products.  Regional products can have strong links with the land that they grow on which can help with marketing within or outside the region.   It is useful to gauge how things have changed for greengrocers, food manufacturers, restaurants and caterers since.  We are also considering demand from supermarkets based on a case study from Waitrose in Devon involved in regional sourcing of apples and juice

Production and marketing

Addition we look at the production and marketing of nuts based on a case study from Kent.  There are also opportunities for mixing the exotic with the locally produced fruit juices, which we will highlight.  But there may be opportunities for less known fruit and nuts.  There are restrictions to marketing some traditional fruit – In 2007 we looked at the initial steps in reviving traditional niche varieties of top fruit it always takes time to re-establish production of these.

Growing co-operation and marketing

Co-operation in growing and marketing can play a role in reviving interest here.  We look at the role the Food hub linked to the Tamar Grow Local Community Supported Agriculture projects is playing.  We consider are there lessons that can be learnt from the Land Settlement Association in terms of co-operation and marketing that are applicable to future food security.

Better use of land

In addition we are looking into weather under utilization land can be used more productively for fruit or agroforestry to increase regional production in these sectors.


Cornwall and South West Fruit Focus 5

‘Land use, growing and market opportunities for fruit in the South West and Cornwall’.  Seven Years on from the first Cornwall Fruit Focus meeting held at Eden Project it is interesting to see how the market and opportunities for fruit production have changed. Friday March 7th   9.30 am for a 10 am start. 

Meeting lasts from 10 am 4.30 pm* Eden Project Core (EducationBuilding).

9.30 – 10.00 Meeting room open open for registration
10.00 -10.30 Overview of changing patterns of fruit production and demand in the region.  Any noticeable changes in the last seven years? Theme – Does production match market demand?Where are the innovations coming from? 
10.30 – 11.00 Development of co-operative production hubs linked to Tamar Grow Local Theme – cooperative in growing and marketing Collective support and marketing

for local growers.

Rachael Forster  (Tamar Grow Local)

11.00 –11.30 Growing and marketing nuts experience gained from Potash Farm, Kent and the UK market. Theme – Production support network for growersand adding value from nuts.

Alexander Hunt, Potash Farm

11.30 – 11.40 Discussion  
11.40 –12.00 Coffee There is a chance to chat to Peter Clarke about some of the history of the LSA in the break
12.00 –12.30 What the Market Wants –Local demand for fruit from supermarkets – what can we learn from this example in Sidmouth. Theme – Sourcing local production to meet local demand.

Waitrose/Four Elms Fruit Farm   Mark Shepherd

12.30 –13.00 Is there a role for a new LSA in fruit and veg production?  Themes – 1, co-operation in growing and Marketing opportunities for new entrants into

commercial horticulture

2, Making better use of land for commercial

horticulture to improve Britain’s food security.

Peter Clarke  (Historian of the Land

Settlement Association)

13.00 –13.30 Update of the New LSA.Barrier to change in the contemporary food system     With reference to fruit. Theme – 1, As above 2, Ways of promoting traditional fruit which have suffered market


William Hudson (East Anglian Food Links)


13.30 -13.40 Discussion  
13.40 – 14. 15 Lunch Pasties, apples and juice 
14.15 –14.45 Impact of growing interest in Cider and Juice on the South West economy – are there opportunities for land owners to plant more fruit trees? Theme – trends in fruit production in the South West what does it indicate for future opportunities

for growers and producers?

Jon Clatworthy Sales and marketing manager at


14.45 –15.15 Mixology – mixing the exotic with the local Theme – Market segmentation of regional apple juice to add value.

Rutie Balasteros

15.15 –15-45 How to bring under utilized land back into cultivation for agroforestry and fruit trees Theme – Making better use of under utilized land– What the challenges and benefits?

Pip Howard  (specialist in forestry,

the landscape industry and land use)


15.45 – 16.05 Coffee There is a chance to chat to Peter Clarke about some of the history of the LSA in the break
16.05 –16.30 Discussion of last talks.Any written questions from earlier in the day

Summing up the feelings expressed on the day.

Where do we go from here?


About cornucopiaalchemy

Dr. Andrew Ormerod has 14 years experience working as the Economic Botanist at the Eden Project - researching topical stories, artefacts, ethnobotanical inks, catering and retail links to exhibits. Previously I was involved with plant breeding and plant tissue culture working on a range of crops including winter cauliflowers, agricultural lupins, vining peas, wheat and barley and coconuts. I am now freelance and am interested in opportunities for lecturing; writing articles; consultancy linked to development of botanic gardens for crops based exhibits; supply chain work for unusual food or non-food crops with interesting stories about plants and people attached to them.
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