Artististic Interpretation of Wild Rice – in Kabuki Theatre Museum, Osaka. Wild Rice Club of Japan (2004) by Andrew Ormerod

Mr Matsunami benefactor wild rice club of japan     016_16                                                             Left; Mr Matsunami       Right; The gallery museum is a quiet haven from the bustling city.

I met Mr. Shigeru Matsunami  chairman of the Wild Rice Club of Japan who showed me around the museum,    Great care had been taken over all the design elements relating to Wild Rice subtly blended into the fabric of the building.

.   028_28     Wild rice and Kabouki Theatre museum Osaka                     External sculpture and model of kabuki theatre museum in Osaka

023_23022_22Stairs and ceiling reflect the shape of the seeds.

011_8 014_11


009_6 007_4006_3                                                                              Subtle references to rice seeds – on the ceiling and decoration of the bathroom.

027_27 030_30036_36

Art relating to the history of Kabuki theatre and stage

007_4A008_5A                      Example of  Japanese sculpture of germinating wild rice sculpture at International Rice Research Institute’s museum in the Philippines.

©  Andrew Ormerod 2013


About cornucopiaalchemy

Dr. Andrew Ormerod has 14 years experience working as the Economic Botanist at the Eden Project - researching topical stories, artefacts, ethnobotanical inks, catering and retail links to exhibits. Previously I was involved with plant breeding and plant tissue culture working on a range of crops including winter cauliflowers, agricultural lupins, vining peas, wheat and barley and coconuts. I am now freelance and am interested in opportunities for lecturing; writing articles; consultancy linked to development of botanic gardens for crops based exhibits; supply chain work for unusual food or non-food crops with interesting stories about plants and people attached to them.
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