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Origins of conserving fruit trees in Cornwall and the need to authenticate varieties. By James Armstrong Evans

I started collecting local fruit varieties in 1980. I was a newcomer from Callington.  When Mary was introducing me to the district we went to a local farm.  She knew the farm well.  She mentioned that there was an old … Continue reading

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What was behind the curtain? by Andrew Ormerod in conversation with Colin Leakey

What do you do on Saturdays?  Go shopping may be, or go to watch a football match? Imagine you are at school and as part of your biology class you are asked to turn your hand to carry out practical … Continue reading

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Sustainable sea fish – what is the right fish to eat? by Andrew Ormerod

Photo courtesy of Nick Howell, The  Pilchard Works. Eden Fish debate Harvest Festival ‘2013 Three Cornish based experts in different aspects of the fish trade had their say. Participants Damion Oxford – The Old Life Boat Station restaurant – Coverack   … Continue reading

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Beanz meanz ……. BITS by Andrew Ormerod in conversation with Colin Leakey

One of our favourite legume dishes in the UK are tinned baked beans, which have increased in popularity after World War II. They are a popular and durable food made from a form of the common bean Phaseolus vulgaris originating … Continue reading

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Kea Plums (2008) by Andrew Ormerod

Past history Kea plums have been grown for at least 300 years in orchards along two creek sides near Truro. There are four local plums found here – the predominant one being the black Kea plum together with the less … Continue reading

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Brief review of Can Britain Feed Itself by Simon Fairlie (2009) By Andrew Ormerod

The original book was written in 1975 by Kenneth Melanby after the last food price hike and fuel crisis and the motivation for it being written was concerns over the UK’s lack of resilience and reliance on ever more expensive … Continue reading

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