Andrew Ormerod BSc. PhD. Freelance Economic Botany Researcher, Eden Project associate

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I am available for talks, projects, jobs, lecturing on a wide variety of subjects links to plants, people, use of plants for food or materials, plant stories behind the food we eat, supply chain work from the farmer through to the consumer.  

For more information about this I can be contacted at alchemy_360(at)

My background

I have worked at the Eden Project from 1998  until 2013 and was involved initially in plant and artefact procurement for the crop and some of the ecologically based exhibits. My interest developed into Economic Botany research in support of plant exhibits, obtaining the most up to date stories of crop developments, people’s uses and perception of these plants globally.

I have developed a broad knowledge base around a wide range of food and non-food plants from around the world and have experience with local agriculture supply chains and manufacturing based on plant products in Cornwall.

I am interested in Food Security and nutrition issues – from a global to a local level and have been involved in a range of food and harvest related events at the Eden Project and elsewhere. I have organising interactive public talks, debates and discussions involving experts in different fields and have also given talks and lectures.

My background is in plant breeding having worked on cereals, peas and later agricultural lupin breeding programs at Reading University. I then moved to Cornwall to work with a farmers’ co-operative breeding winter cauliflowers.

I have visited the Philippines, Japan, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba to investigate agriculture and food systems.

With my relevant contacts, wide experience of plants and economic utilisation I am able to use such knowledge to great effect in a consultancy role.

My recent work

Since end of full time employment at The Eden Project – I am on a Zero hours contract I have undertaken consultancy on :-

Developing a tropical botanical garden for under utilised crops in Malaysia.

A scoping study for commercial and educational temperate agroforestry planting scheme in Lincolnshire.

Assessing opportunities for growing temperate niche fruit crops.

Giving talks to University groups and organising visits to see local farming in Cornwall.

Organising the latest Cornwall and South West Fruit Focus event.

I have compiled the information from the Cornwall and South West Fruit Focus events to be a spark that hopefully leads to innovation.   I believe it isn’t enough to be just a talking shop – so I am very interested in collaborating with others to turn some of these ideas into reality as projects growing crops and producing products on the ground.  So if you would like to discuss areas of collaboration further please contact me.

©  Andrew Ormerod 2014

About cornucopiaalchemy

Dr. Andrew Ormerod has 14 years experience working as the Economic Botanist at the Eden Project - researching topical stories, artefacts, ethnobotanical inks, catering and retail links to exhibits. Previously I was involved with plant breeding and plant tissue culture working on a range of crops including winter cauliflowers, agricultural lupins, vining peas, wheat and barley and coconuts. I am now freelance and am interested in opportunities for lecturing; writing articles; consultancy linked to development of botanic gardens for crops based exhibits; supply chain work for unusual food or non-food crops with interesting stories about plants and people attached to them.
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