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2008-12-06 Cuban environmental study tour 2

CDR – Committees for the Defence of the Revolution If you go on a study tour of Cuba your tour is likely to include a visit to a CDR.  The largest organisation in Cuba – each apartment block is a … Continue reading

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2008-12-06 Cuban environmental study tour

Cuba’s experience of coping with their Peak Oil crisis has been an inspiration for many people in Britain who are now considering how we will cope with our own food security issues here in the light of looming global Peak … Continue reading

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Sweet Potatoes – Slow Food Terra Madre, Turin (2006)

Hardier varieties of orange fleshed sweet potatoes bred in the USA seem to be catching on with the more enthusiastic growers in the UK and have succeeded here in our exhibit at the Eden Project this year. Sweet potatoes originate … Continue reading

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You can grow orchard fruit in Cornwall! (2008)

You can’t grow apples in Cornwall – that was a commonly held view by some national fruit experts up to 20-30 years ago. Any attempt was considered unwise and possibly a waste of time. The view was shaped by Cornwall’s … Continue reading

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Andean Tuber Crops (2006)

If you ever travel to the high Andes and see members of the local community apparently jiving while standing on neat squares of potatoes – chances are they are squeezing water out of their special potatoes to make freeze-dried chuño … Continue reading

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Cassava in Hawaii (2006) Slow Food Terra Madre

Rather like other minority foods cassava in Hawaii have been stigmatized by views from outside Hawaii. Efforts are underway to revive interest. Story of a cassava producer from Hawaii Poi is a traditional food from Hawaii made by pounding taro … Continue reading

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Potatoes in Chiloe (2006)

It was mid summer and the rain was unremitting as I landed on the small island – I sought sanctuary in a small café – they were serving fish and chips. A common occurrence at times when we have been … Continue reading

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